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Blog Has New Home

Big news! Waltorious Writes About Games now has its very own domain, It’s also gotten a fresh lick of paint, making everything look a bit nicer. Other than the appearance, the main difference you will notice is that there are no more ads. This is good, because website ads are terrible and I hate them.

One important note: if you subscribed to receive email updates from the old site, you will have to sign up again. There should be an option to do this on the top right of the site, just below the search box (this may not appear on mobile devices, sorry!). Please sign up again so you will be sure to get notified when new posts go up. And thanks for reading!

EDIT: I figured out how to migrate subscribers from the old site! So no need to sign up again after all!


Scratching That Itch: Mythos: Reawakening


Scratching That Itch: Mythtaken


  1. Looks really smart Walter! I have resubscribed too!

    • Thanks! Does this mean you got the email notification for the post about the new site? I hope so, I’m really kind of winging this…

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