This is a post about an add-on for the game Kingdoms of Amalur: Recoking. You may wish to read the earlier post about the base game first, and indeed the piece about its first add-on. As always, you may click on images to view larger versions.

As I have said before, Kindoms of Amalur is too long. Yet, I still found myself enticed by its first piece of story DLC (that’s downloadable content for those not aware), The Legend of Dead Kel. Having come that far, I had to go all the way and also play the second and final bit of DLC, The Teeth of Naros. With undead pirates already covered in the first DLC, the premise for The Teeth of Naros is instead an expedition into the titular Teeth, which are unexplored lands to the south of the Fae forests of Dalentarth. Rumor has it they are filled with untold treasures. I was ready for a tale of frontiersmanship, establishing ourselves in a hostile wilderness, fighting off dangerous local fauna, and possibly a little commentary on colonialism as we imposed our will on some natives.

But it turns out that the expedition goes wrong almost immediately, and what The Teeth of Naros is actually about is a race of giant statue-people called the Kollossae, who are modeled after the ancient Greeks and who are struggling to finish construction of their flying city to appease their god and lift themselves out of their old, brutish ways and into civilized enlightenment. Huh.