EDIT: If you are reading this saga from the FUTURE, please note that Urist won on version 0.9 of the game, and it has changed significantly since. Older versions are all archived here, however, so you can try to replicate his feat if you like.

Urist Redbeard’s epic saga is complete! What I originally thought would be a single, very long post quickly ballooned into no less than seven extremely long posts. I was hoping to capture the complexity and the strategic decision-making required by a hardcore roguelike like Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, and I think I succeeded, but the end result is quite a read. It’s also full of spoilers, so be warned. Even with the spoilers, though, I’m sure you’ll find the game plenty enjoyable.

To make things easier I’ve collected links to each part of the saga here.

Part 1: The early Dungeon and the Ecumenical Temple.
Part 2: The Lair of Beasts.
Part 3: The Orcish Mines and a minotaur’s labyrinth.
Part 4: The Hive, the Snake Pit and the Shoals.
Part 5: The middle Dungeon, the Vaults, and the Crypt.
Part 6: The bottom of the Crypt, the Elven Halls, and the rest of the Dungeon.
Part 7: The Realm of Zot and Urist’s daring escape.