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The Complete Death Before Dishonor

Death Before Dishonor, my diary series in which I played through Dishonored with a self-imposed rule that I would not reload a saved game when something went wrong, thus forcing me to improvise my way out of trouble, is now finished. Well, mostly. I’m planning an epilogue, but that will take some time to appear, so I decided to collect the rest of the series here for those who want to read through it. I’ll add the epilogue in here when it’s done [EDIT: the epilogue is done, and it’s been added here!]. I’m happy with how the series turned out, but be warned that, unlike most posts on this blog, these are full of massive spoilers. If you are OK with that, then read on at the links below.

Part 1: Separation of Church and State
Part 2: Smash the Patriarchy
Part 3: Public Works
Part 4: Eat the Rich
Part 5: Thus Always To Tyrants
Part 6: After Me, the Flood
Part 7: You Can’t Go Home Again
Part 8: The Void Gazes Also Into You
Epilogue: Dishonorable Discharge

Enjoy! If you haven’t played Dishonored, it’s great, and I highly recommend picking it up. It’s now sold as a Definitive Edition including all the DLC, from a variety of digital storefronts.


Death Before Dishonor, Part 8: The Void Gazes Also Into You


Scratching That Itch: Annwn: The Otherworld


  1. Andrei

    I’ve also been replaying Dishonored and it was interesting to read your take on it. I really enjoy your writing, you have great insights into games. I haven’t yet played Dishonored 2, maybe we’ll get a series on that one as well 🙂

    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Has your game been going differently to mine?

      • Andrei

        I’m still quicksave-spamming. But your way sound fun. Maybe someday when I’ll have more time and fewer games to play I’ll try it!

        • Cool. Are you trying to be nonlethal? I basically did a nonlethal quicksave-heavy game the first time I played Dishonored, and that was also a ton of fun. It really lets players enjoy many different ways to play.

          • Andrei

            Yes, I am doing a non-lethal run. Maybe I wouldn’t have if the game didn’t have the chaos mechanic. Also, I tend to spend a lot of time incapacitating every enemy in the game because I like walking freely around the level and discovering everything without worrying about getting caught. What I like most about these games is the worldbuilding, not necessarily the stealth.

            I read your Krondor series a while back (that’s how I discovered your blog). I plan on replaying that too, when I have the time.

          • Cool, writing that Krondor series was a lot of fun. Although I’m realizing those posts are almost as old as Dishonored is! These days it’s harder to find time to write long series of posts about the same game like that, so it was great to have a chance to do it for Dishonored.

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