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Month: February 2015

The Name Game’s Great Game Names

I had hoped to continue chronicling my second playthrough of The Witcher 2 (started here), but I’ve been delayed by hardware issues. What to do while those are resolved? Some more Name Game, of course!

It recently came to my attention that there is a game called Bladestorm: Nightmare. It’s out in Japan, and will release elsewhere soon. First let me say that the game is set during the Hundred Years’ War but has a mode in which an evil Joan of Arc leads “an army of wizards and dragons”. This is awesome. But perhaps even more awesome is the title. Bladestorm: Nightmare. It’s better than Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It’s better than Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. It’s pretty much the perfect example of the ridiculous videogame name.

How will other games find names after this? Never fear, the Name Game is here to help. I present to you The Name Game’s Great Game Names:

Gunsquall: Reckoning
Axehail: Warcry
Hammerwind: Battlefray
Daggertide: Rising
Bulletflood: Full Auto
Arrowrain: Downpour
Boxmove: The Slidening
Laserblast: Planetfall

Click onwards for more names.

Out There Is Pretty Far Out

As always, you can click on images to see larger versions.

I’ve said before that it was never my intention to write exclusively about PC games on this blog, it just sort of happened that way since that’s what I spend most of my time playing. But I rectified that with my first post about a mobile game (albeit also available on PC), Super Hexagon. Now I’m going to literally double my posts about mobile games by writing about another game that’s kept me entertained on my phone: Out There. It’s even (almost) timely, given that the new, fancier Ω Edition of Out There recently entered open beta for Windows, Mac and Linux, with a full release planned for this spring. This timeliness is purely accidental, I assure you, as I played the original version on my phone many months ago and simply never got around to writing about it until now. But I am very happy to hear that my mobile version of the game will be updated to the Ω Edition for free once it’s released. Hooray!

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