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I’m way behind on this one. Little Inferno, released in 2012, is the second game by the creators of the acclaimed World of Goo. Well, sort of. World of Goo was made by 2D Boy, consisting of Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel, but only Kyle Gabler was involved in Little Inferno (along with Allan Blomquist and Kyle Gray). He was the designer, artist and composer for World of Goo, however, so most World of Goo fans were excited to try Little Inferno.

And most were disappointed, judging by the reviews I saw at the time. By all accounts, Little Inferno was a smaller and less interesting endeavor, which is probably why I skipped it at the time (looking now, however, it looks like it got a lot of praise; is my memory faulty?). Having acquired it since in some bundle or another, I gave it a go, and liked it more than I expected. I think it was simply ahead of its time.