I had hoped to continue chronicling my second playthrough of The Witcher 2 (started here), but I’ve been delayed by hardware issues. What to do while those are resolved? Some more Name Game, of course!

It recently came to my attention that there is a game called Bladestorm: Nightmare. It’s out in Japan, and will release elsewhere soon. First let me say that the game is set during the Hundred Years’ War but has a mode in which an evil Joan of Arc leads “an army of wizards and dragons”. This is awesome. But perhaps even more awesome is the title. Bladestorm: Nightmare. It’s better than Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It’s better than Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. It’s pretty much the perfect example of the ridiculous videogame name.

How will other games find names after this? Never fear, the Name Game is here to help. I present to you The Name Game’s Great Game Names:

Gunsquall: Reckoning
Axehail: Warcry
Hammerwind: Battlefray
Daggertide: Rising
Bulletflood: Full Auto
Arrowrain: Downpour
Boxmove: The Slidening
Laserblast: Planetfall

Click onwards for more names.

Lightningfall: Second Strike
Breakdance: Drop the Beat
Panzerdash: Tides of War
Citysmash: Thunder
Silktrade: Economics
Knifecloud: Shadowstrike
Swordwall: Cold Steel
Deathshadow: Nightfall
Cannonroar: Tactics
Stilletorain: Ascension
Clubsleet: The First Age
Crimewave: Thin Line
Explosiontime: Deliverance
Maulrats: Smash the System
Shadowsoul: Midnight
Riflewatch: Defenders
Terrorflight: Crawlspace
Portmanteau: Videogame
Hovertank: Totally Sweet
Whipspray: The Scourge
Cutlassdraft: Seaward
Polearmsplosion: Order of the Porcupine
Puzzlezone: Physics
Flambergeburst: Highlands
Pistolsnow: Double Agent
Tridentsplash: Squidhunter
Flatline: First Response
Scimitartyphoon: Safe Harbor
Shotgunsmoke: Zombies
Kingdomrise: Age of Iron
Jungledeep: The Horror
Musketshot: End of an Era
Jetpack: The Game
Chopperswarm: Helipad Tycoon
Grapplechain: Swing Harder
Bloodswell: Nosferatu
Katanabreeze: Non-European Cultures Had Weapons Too
Flechettemonsoon: Tropic of Cancer

That’s all I have at the moment. Should be enough for a few months of game releases, right? Suggest more great game names in the comments!