This is Backlog Roulette, a series in which I randomly pick an unplayed game from my backlog and play it. As always, you may click on images to view larger versions.

I’m still making up the rules for Backlog Roulette. When I started it, I wrote about my terrifying spreadsheet containing all the games I own. Except, it doesn’t actually contain all the games I own, because I also bought some gigantic bundles from I’m covering the massive Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality in my Scratching That Itch series, but there are others too. The Queer Games Bundle 2021 isn’t too daunting, with a mere 236 things in it, but the Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid has 1272 things in it, making it almost as huge as the Racial Justice bundle. Add in 998 more things from the Bundle for Ukraine, and these bundles are bigger than my whole spreadsheet, even without counting the Racial Justice bundle. Given that the Scratching That Itch series could easily take the rest of my life to complete, I worried that I’d never even look at the games in these other bundles.

So, this time I decided to add them in to my spreadsheet games when picking something random for Backlog Roulette. The danger of this approach, of course, is that it might make Backlog Roulette feel too much like Scratching That Itch, what with all the games showing up. So I’m not sure if I’ll keep doing this. Or maybe I’ll adjust the weighting of the bundles so my “regular” backlog has a higher chance of showing up. Those are all questions for the next entry, however. For now, the digital dice have selected Tomato Clinic, by npckc, from the Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid. It’s a short visual novel about visiting a clinic to learn about vampires and their culture, and maybe donate some blood. In other words, a very Scratching That Itch kind of game.