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Hanging Out With The Friendeyes In Cellpop Goes Out At Night

You may wish to read my post about The Real Texas before diving into this one.

The very first Keeping Score post that I ever wrote, around two years ago, was about The Real Texas. I’d finally been enticed to play it many years after my purchase, because a new mini-sequel had appeared, called Cellpop Goes Out At Night. I was already late then, of course. Cellpop appeared way back in 2016, and I’m only just getting to it now. It’s technically DLC (“downloadable content”) for The Real Texas, but developers Kitty Lambda (aka Calvin French) bill it as the first part of a sequel, with the full title “The Real Texas – Part 2, Part One – Cellpop Goes Out At Night”.

Keeping Score: The Real Texas

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Like many people, I have a large backlog of games that I’ve purchased but have not yet played. As I was looking through it to choose another game to play, I realized that many of them had their soundtracks included. Given my love for both games and music, I decided to start playing these and write about both the games and their soundtracks. This is Keeping Score.

The first game I chose is one I’ve been meaning to play for some time. It’s The Real Texas, by Kitty Lambda (aka Calvin French), which I bought way back in 2012, shortly after its release. It came to my attention again a couple of years ago when Calvin French emailed me to tell me a mini-sequel called Cellpop Goes Out at Night had been released, and I got it for free since I was an early supporter of the original. That made me want to finally play it, but apparently it takes me two years to actually do that once I think of it (Solium Infernum may have delayed things, too). Well, I’ve played it now, and it’s certainly an odd one.

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