I’m currently playing several games but I’m not ready to write about any of them yet. But I feel I should post something. So I’m posting this.

It’s no secret that video games often have pretty bad names. Case in point: the new Medal of Honor game is officially called Medal of Honor: Warfighter. To be fair, this is the fourteenth Medal of Honor game, so coming up with new names must be getting a little tough. But still — Warfighter? Surely someone could have come up with a better subtitle than that?

Rather than simply complain about it, I decided I’d offer some alternative titles. It should go without saying that I’m merely making fun of the name of a video game and mean no disrespect to the actual Medal of Honor from which it takes its title. Here we go:

Medal of Honor: Honor Guard
Medal of Honor: Honorable Mention
Medal of Honor: For Blood and Honor
Medal of Honor: Honor Thy Father
Medal of Honor: Mo Medals Mo Honor
Medal of Honor: 13 Medals Weren’t Enough
Medal of Honor: Honor Bound
Medal of Honor: Honor This
14 Medal 14 Honor
Medal of Honor: The Honor Is Literally Everywhere
Medal of Honor: You Can’t Handle The Honor
Medal of Honor: Even More Honorable Than The Last Game

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