Well, this was a welcome surprise! Long time readers may remember that I quite liked the space exploration roguelike Approaching Infinity; I wrote about it shortly after its initial release, and then again once I’d tried out its v1.3 update. The biggest problem with the game was that it was stuck with niche wargame publisher Shrapnel Games, so it was only available direct from their site with a high price tag, greatly limiting the number of players it could reach. Well, no longer! Developer Ibology has re-acquired the rights to the game, and has brought an updated version to Steam Early Access. The new version now appears in full widescreen 1080p resolution, instead of the rather low original resolution, and also features a redesigned user interface, new quests and procedural generation algorithms, and many more additions planned during its stint in Early Access. Since the original version was already great, now is an excellent time to check out the game.

I haven’t had a chance to play the new version yet, but I certainly intend to and will be sure to share my thoughts on it here. If you’re curious, check my earlier posts about the original version, and visit the Steam page for more info. And stay tuned for more writing about the game here!