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The Name Game: Red Dead Redemption 2

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Several weeks ago, a large number of people became very excited by a teaser believed (and now confirmed) to imply that a sequel to the game Red Dead Redemption is in development. Itself a sequel to Red Dead Revolver, the Western-themed Red Dead Redemption was hugely popular, and many began to wonder what its own sequel would be named. Surely Rockstar Games would keep the “R-D-R” naming convention? Alas, it was soon revealed that it would simply be called Red Dead Redemption 2. Here at The Name Game, we are disappointed. But we hope that Rockstar will consider resuming the naming convention for future games in the series. Here are some suggestions.

Red Dead Recursion — Shoot everyone again.
Red Dead Resuscitation — As a frontier surgeon, your job begins when the shooting stops.
Red Dead Recidivism — Making players look up the word “recidivism”.
Red Dead Reanimation — This is, obviously, what the original’s zombie expansion should have been called.
Red Dead Retirement — All the bounties have been collected; it’s time to relax on a beach in Mexico.
Red Dead Reclamation — As a U.S. Marshall, you must clear out bandit squatters and establish Yellowstone National Park.
Red Dead Reluctance — Our hearts really weren’t in this one.
Red Dead Restitution — Scrape together enough cash to pay the families of all the dead bandits.
Red Dead Railway — The First Transcontinental Railroad must be built at all costs.
Red Dead Ricochet — Any gunslinger can shoot outlaws. Only a master can shoot them by bouncing bullets off of one or more surfaces first.
Redder Dead Redemption — As a lone cowboy stranded on an alien planet, you must- …wait, what game is this again?
Red Dead Recount — Fight against voter fraud in the Old West.
Red Dead Rocketeer — It’s basically Red Dead Redemption with a jetpack.
Red Dead Rancher — Settle down and rope some steer.
Red Dead Rejoinder — Trade insults with the fastest talkers in the West.
Red Dead RainbowDio? Is that you?
Red Dead Rescue — Are you a bad enough cowboy to save the president?
Red Dead Retrovirus — You have five days to find the cure.
Red Dead Rumble — In the midst of the French intervention in Mexico, you will establish lucha libre and change history.
Red Dead Recourse — When things get tough, you must seek help from an unlikely ally.
Red Dead Reprimand — Give those outlaws a stern talking to.
Red Dead Repopulation — Convince people to stop shooting and have more babies.
Red Dead Revelation — You will bring the Word of God to these bandits! Wait, someone already did that.
Red Dead Recirculation — It’s not easy maintaining a stable currency in the Old West.
Red Dead Restaurant — Outlaws gotta eat.
Red Dead Resplendence — So much graphics.
Red Dead Recluse — Keep your homestead hidden from prying eyes… at all costs.
Red Dead Recalcitrance — There’s a reason they call the West “Wild”.
Red Dead Restoration — When outlaws defile the fresco in your church, you must travel across the badlands to find the one person who can restore it.
Red Dead Relocation — The U.S. government is trying to move your tribe off of its ancestral land. You and a handful of others have decided to fight back.
Red Dead Recklessness — Just go for it.
Red Dead Rehabilitation — It’s easy to shoot bandits. It’s harder to reintegrate them into society.
Red Dead Reprobate — I guess this one is a prequel?
Red Dead Reconstitution — Get the band back together.
Red Dead Rivalry — Decide once and for all who is the fastest gun in the West.
Red Dead Reconstruction — Help rebuild after the Civil War.

With luck, we may see a few of these games from Rockstar in the future. Here’s hoping.


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