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The Name Game: Hard West

I won’t get around to playing Hard West for a while, although I’d like to as its mix of cowboys, demons, and turn-based tactical gunfights a la XCOM (the new one, not the original) sounds interesting. What I can do now, however, is have some fun with the name. Not to suggest an alternate name — because Hard West is actually an excellent name — but rather to suggest possible titles for my eventual post about the game. There are so many options! See some below.

How The West Was Hard
Harder, Wester, Faster, Stronger
Once Upon A Time In The Hard West
Hard Noon
The Hard Bunch
No Country For Hard Men
The Good, The Bad, And The Hard
Hard In The Saddle
Gunfight At The Hard Corral
Hang ‘Em Hard
Wanted Hard Or Alive
The Hardest West Of Them All
Hard Company
The Hard Riders
We Going Straight To The Hard Hard West
The Hard Trail
Hard Ride With The Devil
The Magnificently Hard Seven
Hard On The Range
The Hardest Gun Alive
3:10 To Hard
The Hard And The Dead
Hard Grit
Riding Ahead Of The Hard
Hard To Be The West

If you see any titles you particularly like, let me know in the comments, and then I’ll probably ignore you and pick whatever I want when I eventually post about Hard West.


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  1. “Trying too hard”?

  2. Jonathan K

    Hard Ride With The Devil seems pretty damn appropriate from what I’ve played.

    • Have you been enjoying it? I hear some good things and some bad things.

      • Jonathan K

        I have, actually. I’m a sucker for most things turn-based, so I’m a little biased for it. I also like the separate scenario structure, because it means I’m not lost fiddling with inventory and remembering characters if come back to it after a break. The combat has been fairly varied, the setting is unique, and the playing card upgrade system is pretty cool.

        The adventure game side of things is fun for a little bit, but that might be the weakest link, as it tends to cause the scenarios to drag. But overall I’m a fan.

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