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More Name Game: Elite: Dangerous

Despite having played a few games I want to write about, I’ve been extra busy and haven’t had time to write a post. Instead I’ve just been watching the disappointing progress of the Outcast HD Kickstarter campaign. It’s got 12 days left and ~$370,000 left to raise, so it needs a serious boost. Seriously, go donate to this. Outcast is awesome. It’s only $20 to get a copy of the game when it’s released, and if they don’t meet their goal you won’t be charged anything.

Anyway, to fix my not-posting problem I’m resorting to a tactic I’ve used before: making fun of a game’s name.

Now, I’m actually very excited about all the upcoming space-based games in development right now (and I may even post about some of them soon, if by “soon” I mean “in a few months”). TIE Fighter was a very important game in my youth, and both it and Freespace 2 are deserving of History Lesson treatment in the future. So I’m looking forward to the recent crop of Kickstarter-funded space sim games, including the two giants, Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous. The latter promises to be a fully modern entry in the series that started the whole open-universe, free-flying space sim genre, and it’s looking really good. But oh, that name. It’s as if the developers just picked a subtitle at random. Well, two can play at that game. Here we go:

Elite: Scary
Elite: Intriguing
Elite: Dastardly
Elite: Afterburner
Elite: Shiny
Elite: Capitalism
Elite: Slightly Worrying
Elite: Make It So
Elite: Spaceman
Elite: Serious Business

More after the jump.

Elite: Launch Sequence Initiated
Elite: Pew Pew
Elite: Buy A Joystick
Elite: The New Hotness
Elite: Mostly Harmless
Elite: Take Proper Safety Precautions
Elite: Triumphant
Elite: Space Economics
Elite: Aimless
Elite: Frisky
Elite: You May Buy A VR Headset For This
Elite: Sexy Never Left
Elite: Calm
Elite: Back In Action
Elite: Trade Stuff
Elite: Peculiar
Elite: Stay On Target
Elite: In Space No One Can Hear How Elite You Are
Elite: All Systems Nominal
Elite: For The Love Of Money
Elite: Confusing
Elite: Zoom Zoom
Elite: Escape Velocity
Elite: Not Exactly Rocket Science, But Close
Elite: There Is Yaw In It
Elite: More Power To Shields
Elite: Spaceships Are Awesome
Elite: Fleeting
Elite: Spacetime
Elite: Cockpit
Elite: Sparkly
Elite: Big
Elite: Swashbuckling
Elite: Watch Your Six
Elite: Space Never Changes
Elite: Controlled Burn
Elite: Bogeys
Elite: Weapons Hot
Elite: Even More Elite

That’s all I’ve got at the moment. Feel free to leave your own ridiculous names in the comments.


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  1. Haha, can not match you in the names department, just dropped by to say that a new version of dungeon crawl stone soup is out (0.14) and it has some _massive_ changes, so you might want to play it and see.

    • I actually have played it, but thanks for the heads up anyway. A new Roguelike Updates post is one of several I have in the works.

  2. Haha, this is great. My favourite is Elite: Make It So.

    Elite: IST (what could IST stand for?)
    Elite: It’s A Trap!
    Elite: Floating in a Tin Can
    Elite: You’ve Tried The Rest, Now Try The Best
    Elite: Cosmic Space Furniture
    Elite: 1337
    Elite: Ninja’d
    Elite: pwd.

    My god, Elite: Dangerous really is a terrible name.

  3. mong

    Elite: Elite

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