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Indie Platformer Classics

The next game in the Indie Platformer Marathon is taking longer to complete than expected, so I figured I’d tide things over by covering some other classic indie platformers you might be interested in. Some I’ve already posted about on this blog; be sure to read about LIMBO, Trine (actually this may not technically be indie), Spelunky (the original freeware version), VVVVVV, Stealth Bastard (which recently got a fancy new for-sale version), Treasure Adventure Game (which has a semi-remake called Treasure Adventure World in development), Noitu Love 2, Poacher, You Have To Win The Game, Moustache King Adventure, Red Rogue, and Endless Forms Most Beautiful, if you haven’t already. And don’t miss my previous round-up of super-hard platformers, if you’re into a bit of challenge. But there are many others that I haven’t posted about, or have only mentioned in passing, and I figured they deserve highlighting as well. Click through to read about some of them.

Indie Time: Footbrawl Quest

The game development competitions over at TIGSource are always a good time. With a specific theme and a strict time limit, entries are usually impressive, amusing, or both, and a few have even gone on to become commercial titles, like Realm of the Mad God and Eversion. There hadn’t been a competition in a while, so I was excited when a new one, the Sports Compo, was hosted back in November (with voting in December). Of course, I was so busy with other games that I didn’t have a chance to look at any of the entries, but I finally got around to trying the winner, Footbrawl Quest.

And seriously, just look at that screenshot. You know you want to play this.

Indie Time: Moustache King Adventure

My wrist has recovered enough to allow me to play two-handed games again! I’m playing a few at the moment, but I’m not ready to write about them yet, so I wasn’t sure what to post about. Then I played Moustache King Adventure.

Moustache King Adventure was an entry in the latest A Game By Its Cover competition, in which developers must make a game based on a fake game cartridge (in this case, it was this cartridge). The first A Game By Its Cover competition was hosted over at Tigsource (an indie games site run by Derek Yu, of Spelunky fame), and brought us such classics as Cat Poke and Under the Garden (which is, incidentally, getting a full-blown sequel called Under the Ocean). It seems that the A Game By Its Cover competition has since spun out on its own, with a dedicated website and everything. In this second contest, entrants had one month to make their games from scratch, so most of the games are simple and short. Moustache King Adventure is no exception, but it’s an enjoyable way to spend a few hours. It also has 400% more moustaches than the average game.

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