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Final Thoughts on Master of the Wind

I first wrote about Master of the Wind some time ago. That was mostly from memory. Master of the Wind was released episodically, and I played through the first five story arcs a few years ago. I played the sixth upon release, but there was a long wait for the seventh and final arc, so when it arrived I decided to start over from the beginning. Now I have finished a fresh, full playthrough of the entire thing, so I can offer my final thoughts on the game.

As I mentioned before, Master of the Wind is a free game made with RPGMaker, a game-making tool designed for the creation of Japanese-style RPGs (JRPGs) in the vein of those from the 8-bit and 16-bit console era. Master of the Wind does not defy many conventions of these games, with its pre-set cast of characters, turn-based battle system and completely linear story. But it sets itself apart through its excellent writing and characterization.

Master of the Wind Is Finished

While looking for a game to play over vacation, when I’m away from my main PC, I decided to check in on Master of the Wind, and found that it’s now finished. The seventh and final arc is complete and the entire game is now available as a single download, for free.

Master of the Wind is my favorite game made with RPGMaker, a tool designed for creating old-school Japanese-style role-playing games. For those unfamiliar with the style, these games usually feature pre-set characters, a top-down viewpoint with separate turn-based battles, and an emphasis on story. I find that the most important thing for me when playing such games is the writing, and the writing in Master of the Wind is what really sets it above other games in the genre. The game’s themes include prejudice and racism, societal structure, and the true nature of justice and forgiveness, all handled artfully through the game’s narrative.

Try it out by downloading here, or read on for some more thoughts on the game.

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