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I’d been meaning to play Baba Is You, by Hempuli, for a while. The premise is excellent: a sokoban-style puzzle game, navigated one square at a time from a top-down viewpoint, but instead of just pushing boxes around you can push around the rules of the game. Rules like “Baba Is You” or “Flag Is Win” are spelled out with blocks within the level, and pushing those blocks around can break those rules or create new ones. Make “Flag Is You”, for example, and start moving the flag around instead of Baba. Things like that. I’d heard the game is really clever and really difficult, asking players to manipulate rules in devious ways that seem to break entire levels in order to proceed, but I thought I’d be able to handle it. I’ve played through Corrypt, after all. The metaphorical outside-the-box thinking I’d need to excel at Baba Is You should come easily.

How wrong I was.