This is the one hundred twenty-third entry in the Scratching That Itch series, wherein I randomly select and write about one of the 1741 games and game-related things included in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. The Bundle raised $8,149,829.66 split evenly between the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund and Community Bail Fund, but don’t worry if you missed it. There are plenty of ways you can help support the vital cause of racial justice; try here for a start. Lastly, as always, you may click on images to view larger versions.

Our next random selection from the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality seems to truly be lost. It’s Forever Lost: Episode 2 by Glitch Games, and its tagline in the bundle reads:

Explore what awaits in front of you and learn all you can about what you left…

But, I am unable to download it. I just get the error message pictured above. Some quick research reveals that all three episodes of the Forever Lost series are included in the bundle, but none of them are downloadable right now, nor do they even have pages on At the Glitch Games website, the series (which appears to consist of first-person adventure games with a horror theme) is shown as being sold via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon, suggesting that they are focused on mobile only. Perhaps they were pulled from sale at Whatever the reason, Scratching That Itch must continue onwards, so I must regretfully skip this one.

That’s an unfortunate 123 down, and only 1618 to go!