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Shadow Warrior Is Better Than Shadow Warrior, But Still Problematic

This post is part of the Keeping Score series about games and their soundtracks. As always, you may click on images to view larger versions.

I recently wrote about Shadow Warrior, the 1997 follow-up to Duke Nukem 3D. I’d heard that it was racist, and it very much is. Which is why I was surprised to see it get a remake in 2013, and even more surprised that it earned praise from critics and was successful enough to become a whole new franchise, with a well-liked sequel in 2016 and a third game planned to release this year. The positive reception to these newer games was what inspired me to play the original for comparison, and now I’ve also played the 2013 version of Shadow Warrior, by Polish studio Flying Wild Hog. It’s certainly better than Shadow Warrior, but doesn’t escape some of that game’s problems.

The Name Game: Resetting The Reset

I have several posts I want to write, but simply have not had the time. This is what we call a “filler post”.

The Name Game has not had cause to mention Hard Reset, Flying Wild Hog’s cyberpunk first-person shooter game inspired by the old-school classics of the genre, until now. That’s because Hard Reset is actually a great name. But it has come to our attention that Flying Wild Hog have decided to release a revamped edition of the game, which they are calling Hard Reset: Redux.

Do you hear that sound, Flying Wild Hog? That’s the sound of everyone at The Name Game collectively sighing and slowly shaking our heads. You had a golden opportunity, and you let it slip through your fingers. Clearly, the name you should have gone with is:

Hard Reset: Soft Reset

You’ve let us all down, Flying Wild Hog. Please consult The Name Game before any future naming decisions.

Some posts with actual substance are coming! Stay tuned.

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