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After playing the excellent Tales of Illyria: Fallen Knight on my phone, I wanted to take a break before diving into its sequel, Tales of Illyria: Beyond the Iron Wall. I looked through a few mobile games I’d grabbed at some point but never actually played, but I found myself casting curious glances at Desert Golfing instead, a game that I have played. Having heard good things about this minimalist, peaceful and relaxing game, I’d tried it out for a while on an earlier phone before eventually losing interest. Its scrolling desert seemed to go on forever, one single-screen golf hole at a time, but is it truly endless? I headed to google and spoiled myself with the answer: no, Desert Golfing does eventually end, after 10,000 holes. This knowledge transformed it in my mind from a simple time-waster into something I could devote more attention to, something I could work at bit by bit, knowing that each completed hole brought me closer to the conclusion. In short, I resolved to golf the desert. And now I have.