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Well, well. Long time readers will know that I love Solium Infernum, the 2009 strategy game about the dark politics of archfiends vying for the throne of Hell. I’ve written quite a lot about it, so rather than repeat myself I’ll just link to those pieces in a moment. The important thing is that a modern remake of Solium Infernum was announced yesterday, in development by League of Geeks who have obtained the Solium Infernum IP from original creator Vic Davis with his blessing. I am… very excited. The biggest problems with the original game are its user interface, some unclear rules and mechanics, and the need to manually pass around turn files between players. The new version seems poised to address all of that, while staying very faithful to the original design. With a few rebalancing tweaks, of course. Plus it has some pretty slick new art, even at this early stage (expected release sometime in 2023).

I never played League of Geeks’ earlier game Armello, but now that I know it was inspired by Solium Infernum I very much want to. I’ll also be keeping a close eye on their new version of Solium Infernum. If you are curious to learn more about why this game of scheming, backstabbing, and navigating the complex bureaucracy of Hell is so good, why not peruse my earlier writings about it? My first post gives a nice overview, then later I wrote a full diary of a multiplayer game I played, going through every turn in detail. Then I recruited three other players to write another, even better diary of our next game, showing all of our perspectives on the epic power struggle that ensued. Those diaries are pretty long, though, so you might prefer a slightly more succinct story I wrote about a different game. Lastly, I contributed to another Solium Infernum diary with perspectives from several players, hosted over on the Bumbling Through Dungeons blog.

If you want to try playing Solium Infernum yourself, we have a Discord server with a small group of active players, so just let me know and we can get you set up. I’ll see you in Hell.