Just after taking a second look at the Skyjacker demo, another demo came to my attention. This one is for Intrusion 2, an indie action platformer, with the focus on the “action” half. I mean, just look at this trailer. Intrigued, I gave the demo a spin, and I can confirm that the action is indeed completely ridiculous. I got to drop huge boulders on enemies, knock down guard towers by blowing up their supports, ride a giant wolf while shooting at flying squid robots (pictured above), and deal with an over-the-top, multi-stage boss fight that made most action movies look tame.

In short, it won me over, and I’ll be grabbing the full game, currently going for $10. But since it will end up in my ridiculously large game queue, to be played at some indefinite time in the future, I figured I’d call your attention to it now. The official site has the download link for the demo as well as the purchase link if you decide to buy.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, the “2” does in fact mean that it is the sequel to the original Intrusion, which was a free flash game. You can find it on flash portals like Kongregate if you’re interested.