The Might and Magic series is probably most famous for the Heroes of Might and Magic spin-off series of tactical fantasy warfare and conquest.  But the original games were old-school, party based RPGs.  I played and enjoyed games 4-6 of the series back in the day, so I was excited when a giant pack containing games 1-6 was (re-)released on  True to my methodical nature, I decided to start with the very first game, which I was surprised to learn was released way back in 1986.  Now THAT’S old-school.  While I am no stranger to ye olden days of DOS, still I braced myself for a very limited and trying experience, for how deep could a game so old be?  Just by virtue of the tiny file size limits, I was expecting a much smaller experience than the sprawling, epic games that came later.

I was wrong.  Might and Magic Book One is very, very impressive, and definitely worth a look as a History Lesson.