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See The Grid In Ticket To Earth

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After finishing Tales of Illyria: Beyond The Iron Wall, I wanted to take a break and play a different mobile game before diving into the third and final game in the series, Tales of Illyria: Destinies. I looked around online for recommendations and eventually stumbled upon the excellently-named Ticket To Earth, by Robot Circus, which is also available for PC and Mac via Steam but seems at home on a mobile touchscreen. It looked to be something in the vein of Puzzle Quest and its ilk, combining tile-matching puzzles with role-playing tactical combat. I enjoyed (but never wrote about) Puzzle Quest and its sequel, so I decided to give Ticket To Earth a try. It turned out to be much better than I expected.

Hitting The Road Again In Tales Of Illyria: Beyond The Iron Wall

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About eight months ago, I wrote about Tales of Illyria: Fallen Knight, a mobile role-playing game that hit upon a surprisingly effective combination of classic fantasy tactical combat and the travel simulation mechanics from The Oregon Trail. It’s a game where stocking up on food and water and training in foraging and hunting skills is just as important as equipping the party with the best weapons and armor, and most of the time is spent traveling along various roads, dealing with random events as they occur. This is not something I expected to work, but it does. Really well. Enough so that I was excited to try the next game in the trilogy, Tales of Illyria: Beyond the Iron Wall. The road was calling me once again.

Tales Of Illyria: Fallen Knight Is A Mobile Role-Playing Game About Traveling

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While the vast majority of the games I write about here are PC games, I do also play games on my Android phone. I’ve even written about a few here and there. But most I don’t write about, because a lot of mobile games are either simple and light time-wasters, or complex enough that I’d rather just be playing them on my PC. Hoping to find a game that hit the sweet spot for mobile play, I turned to role-playing games, figuring that they are often turn-based and therefore easy to pick up and put down while on the go, but feature substantial narratives and deep enough systems to remain engaging over many play sessions. I scoured the internet for recommendations and came across this list, which put the Tales of Illyria series in the number one spot (it’s a living list, updated on occasion, so if you are reading this from the future, positions may have changed). So I grabbed the first game — originally known simply as Tales of Illyria, but later re-released in updated form as Tales of Illyria: Fallen Knight — and tried it out.

Tales of Illyria combines a sword and sorcery fantasy role-playing game, tactical turn-based battles and all, with The Oregon Trail. Somehow, this actually works. Really well. And yes, your characters can get dysentery.

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